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The 15th International Conference on Luminescence
ICL' 08 Lyon, France
13-18 July, 2008

Organizer: Physical Chemistry of Luminescent Materials
Claude Bernard /Lyon1 University, UMR CNRS.
Bât.Kastler,10 rue Ampère, La Doua, 69622 Villeurbanne, France
tel: +33 4 72 44 82 71, fax: +33 4 72 43 11 30

International Program Committee
Chair: Georges Boulon FRANCE
Vice-Chair: Andries Meijerink THE NETHERLANDS

Giuseppe Baldacchini ITALY V.V. Osiko RUSSIA Thomas A. Basche GERMANY Fabienne Pellé FRANCE S. Basun RUSSIA Markus Pollnau SWITZERLAND D. Bimberg GERMANY S.Rand NEW ZEALAND Elisha Cohen ISRAEL Peter Reineker GERMANY B. DiBartolo U.S.A Cees Ronda GERMANY Hans-Ulrich Güdel SWITZERLAND Wieslaw Strek POLAND Shammai Speiser ISRAEL X. Wang China Jorma Holsa FINLAND Hans C. Wolf GERMANY Shihua Huang CHINA John C. Wright U.S.A Tadashi Itoh JAPAN William M. Yen U.S.A Yasuaki Masumoto JAPAN
Topics: This Conference is the one in a series held every three years in different countries of the world.
Authors are invited to submit papers in any of the following sections:
A) Luminescence of insulators, semiconductors and disordered or amorphous materials.
B) Luminescence and photochemical processes in molecules polymers; molecular spectroscopy.
C) Bioluminescence.
D) Luminescence centers and defects; deep levels.
E) Excitons, polaritons and collective phenomena.
F) High-density excitation and nonlinear effects in optical processes.
G) Transient phenomena and coherent processes; picosecond and femtosecond spectroscopy.
H) Non-radiative processes and non-equilibrium phonon effects; hot luminescence.
I) Dynamics of excited states and energy transfer; fractals in luminescence.
J) Optical properties of surfaces, interfaces, nano-particles, quantum wells and superlattices.
K) Electric field induced, organic and inorganic electroluminescence, LED and FED etc.
L) Applications of luminescence and related topics.
M) Crystal growth of new optical materials and their applications.

Local contact: Prof. Georges Boulon

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