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PhD thesis directions


            Between 1966 and 1981, date of my official Professor position at the UCBLyon1, I have co-operated with Dr. Françoise GAUME to train few new PhD students.

            However only PhD students I have officially supervised after 1981 will be indicated within this section.


1. Frédéric DURVILLE

UCBLyon1, thesis on June 22, 1984

X-ray diffusion and optical spectroscopy applied to the nucleation in a Cr3+-doped silicate glass

Co-supervisors: G.Boulon and E. Duval

Co-operation with B. Champagnon



UCBLyon1, thesis on May 28, 1985

Structural characterization of glassesd glass-ceramics by using laser spectroscopy on Eu 3+ and Cr3+ fluorescent ions

Supervisor: G.Boulon

Co-operation: R.Reisfeld (the Hebrew university of Jerusalem)


3. François ROGEMONT

UCBLyon1, thesis on April 21, 1986

Fluorescence properties of Bi4Ge3O12 (BGO) single crystals under laser pumping; excited state dynamic and saturation effect; Electronic structure of the fluorescent ions.

Co-supervisors: C. Pedrini and G. Boulon


4. Vincent PONCON

UCBLyon1, thesis on October 14, 1987

Laser spectroscopy applied to microstructural analysis, nucleation and growth of micro-crystals within Eu3+ and Cr3+ local probes-doped glassy hosts

Supervisor: G. Boulon

Co-operation: Saint-Gobain Company, J.L. Adam and J. Lucas (University of Rennes) for fluoride glasses and R.Reisfeld (the Hebrew University of Jerusalem) for glass-ceramics


5. Jacques RUBIN

UCBLyon1, thesis on November 12, 1987

Energy transfer dynamic and fluorescence processes in Er3+, Tm3+, Ho3+- doped LiYF4 infrared solid-state laser crystal.

Co-supervisors: C. Pedrini

Co-operation : G.Boulon


6. Wenjiang NIE

UCBLyon1, thesis on November 23, 1989

Application of TEM microscopy and fluorescence laser spectroscopy techniques in Xerogel-Glass-glass-ceramic phase transitions of the Cr2O3-doped SiO2-Al2O3-ZnO system. Nucleation processes of Cr-doped ZnAl2O4 spinel nanocrystals

Supervisor: G. Boulon

Co-operation : C. Esnouf (TEM Microscopy Center of INSA of Lyon) and C. May (GEMPPM at INSA of Lyon)



UCBLyon1, thesis on June 19, 1990

Electronic structure of transition metal ions by application of the orbital molecular model

Supervisor: F. Michel-Calendini

Co-operation : G.Boulon


8. Alain BRENIER

UCBLyon1, thesis on December 17, 1991

Crystal growth, structural characterization and fluorescence properties of Cr 3+, Tm3+, Ho3+ ou Mn4+ -doped Gd3Ga5O12 (GGG) garnet laser single crystals

Supervisor: G. Boulon

Co-operation : C. Pedrini, C. Madej at LPCML and Crismatec Company (Rhône Poulenc) in Grenoble



UAMadrid, thesis on July 1991

Spectroscopy of Ti 3+-doped YAG and Cr 3+/ Nd 3+co- doped GGG in  laser crystals

Supervisor: J. Garcia-Sole (UAMadrid) and G.Boulon

Co-operation : A. Monteil (Lyon)


10. Alphonso LORENZO

UAMadrid, thesis on November 8, 1996

Location of rare earth active ions in LiNbO3 by using Laser spectroscopy and Rutherford Back Scattering (RBS) techniques

Co-supervisors: J.Garcia-Sole (UAMadrid) and G.Boulon

Co-operation: H.Jafrezic (IPN Lyon for Rutherford Back Scattering experiments)


11. Gisèle FOULON

UCBLyon1, thesis on December 17, 1996

Laser Heated Pedestal growth (LHPG) crystal growth technique and spectroscopic characterizations of niobate crytalline fibers (LiNbO3, BNN, SBN)

Co-supervisors: G.Boulon and M.T.Cohen-Adad                 

Co-operation: A.Brenier, M.Ferriol


12. Rozen BURLOT

UCBLyon1, Thesis on December 17, 1997

LHPG and Czochralski crystal growth techniques, spectroscopic characterizations of undoped and Nd,Er-doped LiNbO3 and LiTaO3 nonlinear crystals

Co-supervisors: R.Moncorgé and G.Boulon

Co-operation: Y.Guyot


13. Anne-Françoise OBATON

La Rochelle, thesis on November 20, 1998

Synthesis, thermal and optical properties of new Yb-Er-codoped phosphate glasses for the eye-safe solid-state laser. Selection of LaLiP4O12 matrix.

Co-supervisors: B.Elouadi (La Rochelle) and G.Boulon

Co-operation: G. Le Flem and C. Parent (University of Bordeaux)

14. Daniel JAQUE

UAMadrid, thesis on November 17, 1999

Spectroscopic and laser properties of stoichiometric Neodymium-Yttrium-  aluminium borate self-frequency nonlinear crystals. Emissions in blue,green and red spectral  ranges.

Co-supervisors: J.Garcia-Sole (UAM) and G.Boulon

Co-operation: A.Brenier, A. Kaminskii (Invited Professor, Mocow)



UCBLyon1, thesis on February 29, 2000

Research of Raman shifter crystals for the eye safe solid state laser at 1540 nm

belonging to undoped and Nd3+ -doped tungstate family.

Supervisor: G.Boulon

Co-operation: A.Brenier, A.Kaminskii (Invited Professor, Mocow)


16. Frédérique LHOMME

Metz, thesis on July 3, 2000

Optical spectroscopy of Cr 3+-doped LiNbO3: Cr concentration and crystal composition dependences

Co-supervisors: P.Bourson (Metz) and G.Boulon

Co-operation: Y.Guyot and M. Fontana (Metz)


17. Emmanuel GALLUCCI

UCBLyon1, thesis on November 8, 2000

Tungstates pour la conversion de fréquences laser par décalage Raman. Relation propriétés structurales / propriétés vibratoires, croissance cristalline et caractérisations

Co-supervisors: M.Th. Cohen-Adad and C. Goutaudier

Co-operation: G. Boulon


18. Riadh El OUENZERFI,

UCBLyon1, co-tutelle thesis on February 20, 2002

Fixation and diffusion properties of lanthanides and transuraniens in

britholithes, phospho-silicate stockage matrixes

Supervisors: C. Goutaudier, G. Panczer and M. Trabelsi-Ayedi (University of  Bizerte)

Co-operation: G. Boulon and M.T.Cohen-Adad


19. Laetitia LAVERSENNE,

UCBLyon1, thesis on February 25, 2002

New chemical combinatory method for the optimization of the spectroscopic properties of  Yb3+, Er3+ , Ho3+  laser rare earth ions  in M2O3 (M= Y, Sc, Lu, Gd) refractory singlecrystalline fibers grown by the LHPG technique

Co-supervisors: G.Boulon and M.T.Cohen-Adad

Co-operation :Y.Guyot


20. Nadège OLLIER

UCBLyon1, September 16, 2002

Europium as a luminescent probe of an aluminoborosilicate SON68 nuclear glass and its weathering gels

Supervisors : G. Panczer and B.Champagnon

Co-operation : G.Boulon



UCBLyon1, thesis on June 18, 2004

Crystal growth, structural characterizations and spectroscopic analysis of singlecrystalline fibres of nonlinear niobate family: LiNbO3 (LN), Ba2NaNb5O15 (BNN) and SrxBa1‑xNb2O6 (SBN

Supervisors : C. Goutaudier and G. Boulon

Co-operation : Y. Guyot, K. Lebbou; A. Yoshikawa et T. Fukuda (Japon)


22. Masahiko ITO,

UCBLyon1, thesis on June 30, 2004

Yb3+-Doped Fluoride Single Crystals (CaF2, KY3F10, LiYF4) Grown by “Laser Heated Pedestal Growth (LHPG)” Technique. Spectroscopic Characterization, Concentration Quenching Analysis and Laser Application.

Supervisors: G.Boulon and C.Goutaudier

Co-operation :Y.Guyot and K.Lebbou ; H.Sato and T.Fukuda (Sendai, Japan)


23. Amina BENSALAH,

UCBLyon1, thesis on June 30, 2004

Undoped and rare earth ions-doped fluoride optical crystals. Growth by the Czochralski technique, spectroscopic properties and laser tests 

Supervisor: G.Boulon

Co-operation :Y.Guyot ; H.Sato et T.Fukuda (Sendai, Japan)



UCBLyon1, thesis on July 2, 2004

Spectroscopic properties of Yb3+ ions in K5Bi(MO4)4 molybdate, Y3Al5O12, Gd3Ga5O12, Lu3Al5O12 garnets and YAlO3 perovskite. Concentration quenching mechanisms and laser evaluation 

Supervisor: G.Boulon.

Co-operation : Y.Guyot ; J.Fernandez and R.Balda (Bilbao, Spain) ; A.Yoshikawa and T.Fukuda (Sendai, Japan)


25. Chieko FUJIWARA

Tohoku University, Sendai (Japan), thesis on 2005

Crystal growth, crystal structure and optical properties of Yb-doped oxyapatite single crystals

Supervisors : T. Fukuda (Sendai, Japan) and G. Boulon

Co-operation: A. Yoshikawa


26. Jaouher AMAMI

UCBLyon1, thesis on June 19, 2006

Synthesis and spectroscopic characterizations of (Yb3+, Eu3+) luminescent structural probes in nanocrystals and bulky single crystals of BaTiO3 multiphased perovskite and Y3Al5O12 monophase garnet

Supervisors: G. Boulon and C. Goutaudier

Co-operations : Y. Guyot ; W.Strek and D.Hreniak (Wroclaw, Poland)


27. Sana HRAIECH

UCBLyon1, thesis on May 21, 2007

Yb3+-doped laser cubic single crystals of  Ln2O3 (Ln = Y, Lu et Sc) sesquioxydes and CaF2 fluorides : growth, structural and spectroscopic characterizations

Supervisors: G.Boulon and C.Goutaudier

Co-operations : Y.Guyot ;A.Jouini, A.Yoshikawa (Sendai, Japan); M. Trabelsi-Ayedi (Tunis)


28. Mohamed MEHNAOUI

UCBLyon1, thesis on January 21, 2008

Structural and luminescent properties of new Pb2+-doped vanadate/phosphate apatites

Ca10-xPbx(XO4)6Y2  (X=P, V) (Y= OH, Cl,I) (0 ≤ x ≤10).

Analysis of the Pb2+ impurity by time resolved laser spectroscopy

Supervisors: G.Panczer and M.Trabelsi-Ayadi (Tunis)

Co-operation: G. Boulon


29. Wei ZHAO

Hefei (University of Science and Technology of China (USTC of China), co-tutelle thesis on June 15, 2010

Structural and spectroscopic characterizations of Yb3+ and Ce3+-doped ceramics for lasers and scintillators.  Segregation phenomenon between grains and grain boundaries.

Supervisors: G.Boulon and Prof.Min Hin at the USTC of Hefei (China)

Co-operations : A.Brenier, D.Amans ; T.Epicier, TEM Center, INSA de Lyon, Fan (Shanghai, China) ; A.Yoshikawa (Sendai, Japan) and T. Yagi (Konoshima Company)


30. Sergiu ANGHEL

Chisinau (Moldavia), co-tutelle thesis on November 11, 2011

Growth and spectroscopic characterization of transition metal ions (Cr, Ti, Co, V)-doped α-ZnAl2S4 spinel-type single crystals

Supervisors: G.Boulon and L.Culiuc in Chisinau (Moldavia)


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